The fight to save the African Elephant population from extinction due to poaching has been severely hampered by many obstacles, including corruption. Many poaching cases mysteriously disappear and become “lost files.” As a result only 10% of poachers who are arrested are prosecuted and 23% are dismissed by magistrates because of lack of evidence, or “lost files”, according to National Geographic’s article Will 2016 Be a Breakthrough in the Fight to Save Elephants?.

There is hope, however, for the future of elephants in Africa, thanks to the efforts of Tanzania’s new president, John Pombe Magufuli, also known as the Bulldozer. President Magufuli was sworn in on November 22, 2015 and made it unquestionably clear in his opening speech to parliament that there will be zero tolerance for the act of poaching, as well as for corrupt officials who are involved with poaching. Within his first month after being sworn in, the President Magufuli “suspended the commissioner general of the Tanzanian Revenue Authority and 35 of its employees implicated in corruption”, according to National Geographic.

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