CITES Petition: Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory.

The United Nations Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) needs to take strong, affirmative action to ban the ivory trade.

Ban the Sale of Ivory in the United States

Tell the Obama Administration: Lead the global charge to ensure a future for elephants by banning the sale of ivory in the United States.

Save Zimbabwe parks ranger Maxwell Bowa from being hanged.

Patrick Chinamasa: We call on you to overturn Maxwell Bowa’s death sentence for the killing of a poacher in the line of duty.

Petition to ban Hong Kong Ivory trade

Hong Kong needs to destroy it’s ivory trade. Please sign the petition to put an end to the ivory trade in Hong Kong and help elephants keep their ivory.


Decide What You Will Do


We have teams of volunteers working on issues ranging from banning the sale of ivory in stores and on the Internet, to advocating in universities and schools, to contacting media personnel, to leafleting at events, to pressuring for changes in policies and laws, and more.

Commit to saving the elephants every day:

Take the pledge

Sign petitions
– Check out all the petitions on this Take Action page.

Stay informed and involved
– Visit sites like Elephant E-activism, Elephant Advocacy, Elephantopia and Give a Shit About Elephants.

Help captive elephants
– Do not support any organizations that exploit elephants such as circuses or elephant trekking companies in Southeast Asia. Make sure your local zoo is truly dedicated to the welfare and survival of all elephants, like the Oakland Zoo. If you find elephants suffering at a zoo, don’t support that zoo, raise awareness about it and begin a campaign to improve conditions and/or to release the captive elephants to a sanctuary. And please support PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society).

Contact your lawmakers
– Tell your state and national representatives that you support a total ban on ivory.

Be an elephant advocate
– Whenever you see something about the plight of elephants, please share it with your friends, family and co-workers. Volunteer to speak at schools, civic clubs or church groups. We have all kinds of resources to help you.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter
– No matter where you live you can be a part of our group. Check in frequently on our Social Feeds page and participate in our virtual world on Facebook ( or Twitter (@March4Elephants).

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Stop Abuse At A’Famosa Resort

The A’Famosa Safari Wonderland zoo has a long history of abusing its orangutans, caught in the wild in Indonesia, and they mistreat and abuse their elephants. Help put a stop to this now.

Google: Stop Trafficking In Ivory!

The ivory trade is slaughtering elephants by the thousands, yet Google still traffics ivory, taking money from ivory sellers to promote their products. Call on Google to stop trafficking in ivory.

Lobby The CITES Secretariat

The tide is turning against trade of the iconic animals of the world including elephant, rhino, and lion. No more one-off sales in Ivory. No to rhino horn trade. No canned trophy hunting of lions.


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