This is an exciting time to be a part of March for Elephants as we are getting ready to kick-off our plans for the 2016 Global March for Elephants and Rhinos! It’s big endeavor and we have lots of ways for you to help. For example:

  1. Research and plan the route (this year the march starts and ends at Union Square).
  2. Publicize the March.
    • Distribute posters and flyers.
    • Promote on social media.
    • Coordinate press coverage of the March.
    • Contribute to our MFE blog.
  3. Find videographers and photographers to cover the March.
  4. Table at different events, including at the post-March rally.
  5. Line up speakers for the rally.
  6. Work on other post-March logistics (stage, sound system, coordinate participating tablers at the rally).
  7. Fundraising (always!!) – we already have a few exciting fundraising ideas in mind, but your suggestions are welcome (and encouraged!!).

If any of these items sound like a good fit for you, let us know! We look forward to new faces and fresh ideas to make this march a big success!