Marius: From Surplus to the Lions’ Supper

March for Elephants may be primarily about the elephant, but we do not discriminate. We are dedicated to the lives and welfare of all animals and were particularly moved by the story of Marius, beautifully told by blogger, Lori Sirianni. It’s not every day that a...

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Heralding 2014 with a Letter to the Elephant

Dear Elephant, I write to you at the end of the year 2013, a year during which 35,000 of your kind were slaughtered – 96 a day and one every 15 minutes … all for trinkets. All for ivory trinkets. I wonder … As one year merges with the next and as humans celebrate the...

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A Day at the Circus

It’s that time of year again when the circus rolls into town. Families clamor for tickets, and it’s no secret that elephants are the main attraction. Last August, I took my two daughters to the circus when it stopped in Oakland, CA. But I didn’t take them to munch on...

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Give Thanks for Elephants

As we consider all the things we are grateful for this Thanksgiving, let’s not forget the majestic elephant. With the species in peril of extinction in only a decade, here’s a reminder of the many reasons we are thankful for their presence and why we need to safeguard...

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