Join Us for Shake, Rumble and Roll

An exciting fundraiser is in the works, a belly dancing extravaganza! An amazing array of dancers will perform to raise money for March for Elephants. All funds donated support the work being done to save the African elephants from extinction. Event Details When: June...

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Give Thanks for Elephants

As we consider all the things we are grateful for this Thanksgiving, let’s not forget the majestic elephant. With the species in peril of extinction in only a decade, here’s a reminder of the many reasons we are thankful for their presence and why we need to safeguard...

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Why Do We March?

We March for Elephants We March for Rhinos We March for Lions People have asked us—“Why do you march? What good is marching? You should be making direct contact with people in power, with people who can ‘make a difference.’ Every day 96 elephants are killed. That’s...

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I am Elephant. I am Rhinoceros

I am elephant. I am rhinoceros. We are children of the Dark Continent, Africa. Our parents are of this land, as were theirs and theirs. Through the birth and death of stars and the rise and fall of empires the earth has held us in trust; she has kept her promise to...

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