Yahoo! Japan: No More Ivory Sales!

Last week March for Elephants, along with the Environmental Investigation Agency, held a last minute protest in Santa Clara California to send a message to Yahoo! Japan, NO MORE IVORY SALES. Yahoo! Japan is the world’s largest online ivory trader, which results in $10...

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Update on the California Bullhook Ban

As of the writing of this article, two cities cities in California have taken steps to end the use of bullhooks, an inhumane tool used by animal trainers to scare working elephants into submission. In 2013 Los Angeles passed an ordinance that made it illegal for...

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Will 2016 Be a Breakthrough in the Fight to Save Elephants?

The fight to save the African Elephant population from extinction due to poaching has been severely hampered by many obstacles, including corruption. Many poaching cases mysteriously disappear and become “lost files.” As a result only 10% of poachers who are arrested...

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Looking for Volunteers, We Need YOU!

This is an exciting time to be a part of March for Elephants as we are getting ready to kick-off our plans for the 2016 Global March for Elephants and Rhinos! It's big endeavor and we have lots of ways for you to help. For example: Research and plan the route (this...

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