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March for Elephants is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting global awareness of the elephant crisis, advocating for cessation of poaching in all regions where elephants live, fiercely working to shut down the ivory trade, and raising the level of human consciousness to embrace the lives of elephants with reverence and humility. We uphold the belief that elephants are a nation unto themselves. Their lives reach beyond ours, and have meaning only they can comprehend.

March for Elephants strives to provide useful information and tools to enhance ownership and motivation for individuals who seek to carry out actions on behalf of elephants. For those who do, and for those who wish to learn about elephants, this is your community, an opportunity to find your herd. It is our fondest hope that you will join with us in our actions. We need nothing less than an army of people participating in the fight for survival of our beloved elephants. It will require sacrifice and generosity if we are to save these incredible beings.

March for Elephants is a 501c3 nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. Please join us so that we may ensure that these beloved creatures, who have walked the Earth for millions of years, will not disappear forever.

60 people in 2013, 1500 in 2014, ?? in 2015


On September 24th, 2016, we will march in peace and solidarity through the streets of San Francisco in support of elephants and rhinos — at the same time, tens of thousands of other advocates will be marching in over 100 cities all over the globe.

Please join us this year.


ele-icon2  March for Elephants will engage in direct & peaceful action on behalf of Earth’s largest terrestrial herbivore now on the brink of extinction.

ele-icon2  March for Elephants will engage in direct and peaceful action to mitigate and halt poaching and to shut down China’s “legal” ivory carving factories, the primary driver that kills African elephants; 1 every 15 minutes, 100 each day, and approximately 35,000 a year.

ele-icon2  March for Elephants will lobby state, federal and international representatives to revise legislation which currently permits the trade and importation of ivory in and to this country, the USA, as well as globally.

ele-icon2  March for Elephants will advocate similarly on behalf of the Asian elephant, also facing extinction from a myriad human induced causes.

ele-icon2  March for Elephants will engage in direct and peaceful action on behalf of elephants who are exploited, abused and subjected to indignities at the hands of humans.

The elephants of the world desperately need our help.


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